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History and Facts of Dual Enrollment at Nunez Community College

Nunez Community College Dual Enrollment Program

Nunez Community College currently partners with schools in five different parishes, offering high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll for dual credit for the 2014-2015 school year. The program serves students in the following parishes:

    • St. Bernard
    • Orleans
    • Plaquemines
    • St. Tammany
    • Jefferson

Students may enroll in the Dual Enrollment program in the following ways:

    • The college course is taken on the high school campus, during the student's regular high school class period (i.e. English IV – English Composition 1010). For this option, the Nunez instructor is sent to the high school campus for 2 days/week, or if the high school teacher is credentialed to teach on the college level (Master's plus 18 hours in the field), they can serve as the instructor on record. A minimum of 17 students is required in order for the class to materialize if a Nunez instructor is sent to the high school campus.
    • The college course is an hybrid course – The Nunez Instructor issues assignments through Blackboard, with the high school teacher becoming the "facilitator” to coach the students to turn in assignments, to provide time during the high school class to engage in online activities and to assist in remediating students who may require it. The Nunez instructor will also meet with students on the high school campus during the semester.  There is no minimum number of students required in order for the class to materialize. Textbook costs are not covered by the College.
    • The student enrolls in the college course on the Nunez campus – either on his/her own or through a school-sponsored commitment (e.g., may be bused to Nunez during the day). On campus classes are offered during the day, evening and on-line. There is no minimum number of students required in order for the class to materialize.

*NOTE* Most transferrable courses have specific entrance requirements – ACT scores or college placement test scores are used to determine the entry level for some courses.


Some students who participate in the Dual Enrollment program may be eligible to have their tuition reimbursed by the Board of Regents. To qualify for this tuition reimbursement under the Louisiana TOPS TECH Early Start Program (TTES), the student must:
  • Be in "Good Standing” as an 11th or 12th grade student in a Louisiana PUBLIC high school. ("Good Standing” is defined by the student's high school)
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale (on all courses attempted)
  • Score at least a 15 on the English and Mathematics subsection of the PLAN Assessment
  • Have an approved 5-Year Education and Career Plan
  • Select courses that are approved as TTES-eligible course as outlined by LOSFA
Students who are not eligible to receive this tuition reimbursement can either pay their tuition and fees on their own or have the school system assist with the costs.  There is a $100 fee per each 3-credit course. In addition, the school, school system or student is responsible for covering the cost of the textbook and fees.

For additional questions, please contact Brittney Barras at or call (504)278-6425.


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