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Nunez Community College is smoking and tobacco free as of August 1st. - 7/24/2014 -

Smoking and Tobacco Policy

As stated in Numbered Memo(NM) 15, Smoking and Tobacco Free Campus Policy, Nunez Community College will impose the following sanctions on students and employees observed using tobacco or smoking on campus:

  1. The first observation of smoking of any kind or of use of tobacco of any kind on campus or at College sponsored events will result in a written warning.
  2. Any subsequent observations of smoking or tobacco use on campus or at College sponsored events will be considered a violation of the policy and will be subject to the sanctions, including fines, and due process as outlined in the Revised Statute. The link to the Revised Statute is in NM15, which was distributed by email and posted on the Nunez Community College website on July 24, 2014.
  3. By Revised Statute, the fines for violations range from $25 to $100.


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