On-Campus Summer Registration Assistance May 29th-31st
Helpful Links

How to Apply for Graduation in LoLA

Master Articulation Matrix

How to Be Successful in College PowerPoint

Tutoring / Education Resources

Nunez & LCTCS Resources

Accelerating Opportunities: www.nunez.edu/accelerating-opportunities

Current Degree Forms (2016 - 2017): www.nunez.edu/advising

Degree Verification: www.degreeverify.org 

Enrollment Verification: www.enrollmentverify.org

BankMobile Disbursements:  bankmobiledisbursements.com/refundchoices/

Log-on Louisiana (LoLA):  https://my.lctcs.edu

New Student Orientation Dates:  www.nunez.edu/orientation

Prior Degree Forms:  www.nunez.edu/degree-forms

Tuition and Fees:  www.nunez.edu/fees

Off-Campus/Electronic Resources

Housing at UNO for Nunez students:  http://www.nunez.edu/housing

Internet Access for Low-Income Students/Families (AT&T): https://www.att.com/shop/internet/access/#/

Nunez Emergency Alert System Sign Up:  http://clk2.it/Goy62K 



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