Institutional Research
Nunez Community College is responsible for providing not only the resources and facilities necessary for quality instruction and services but also an ongoing evaluation of the quality of its programs and services. Nunez’s quest for quality is exhibited in its Strategic Plan.

The College’s Strategic Plan is broad based and involves faculty, staff, alumni, the community, and students. The Plan evaluates how effectively the institution achieves its goals as outlined in the College’s Mission and Statement of Purpose. This evaluation process encompasses a variety of assessment methods that measure the effectiveness of both educational programs and support services. College personnel then use the results of these assessments to identify strategies for improvement. Once strategies have been identified, the institution seeks to implement changes that will enable it to fulfill its stated purpose.
Some of the resource data that Institutional Research and Effectiveness provides can be seen by clicking the links below:

Click Here to view the Campus Safety and Security Report

Click Here to view the Nunez Emergency Recovery Plan

Click Here to view the Nunez Response to HCR 69

Click Here to view Retention Information

Click Here to view a Sample Course Evaluation
Annual Goals Worksheets
Click Here to view Creating SMART Goals

Click Here to view Unit Annual Goals Worksheet w/Notes

Click Here to view Unit Annual Goals Worksheet Blank

Click Here to view the IE Planing Form/Assessment
Sample Program Reviews
Click Here to view a Sample Academic Program Review Form

Click Here to view a Sample Non-Academic Program Review Form

Click Here to view the Program Health Index
Strategic Planning
Click Here to view the 2016-2020 LCTCS Strategic Plan Document

Click Here to access the Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) Website

Reported Data and Publication Links

Below you will find links to external WebPages with data and publications that Institutional Research provides regularly to various entities:

Click Here to view the Board of Regents Data and Publication Page

Click Here to view the College Board Annual Surveys of Colleges Page

Click Here to view the Department of Education IPEDS Report (College Navigator)

Click Here to view the Noel-Levitz Benchmark Poll Site

To request any previous year's fact book(s) or for other data requests you may contact Andrea Simien, Institutional Researcher, at 504-278-6438 or by email at

You may also submit your request by using our Research Request Form, by clicking here: Nunez Community College, Internal Research Request Form to request data.

This form is intended for use by the faculty and staff of Nunez Community College to request data from the Office of Institutional Research. Use of this form will allow requests to be organized and prioritized which should expedite the process of providing requested research data. This procedure will also allow for tracking requests, which will help to ensure that the data received is the data which was requested.

*Advanced planning is recommended. Please allow AT LEAST TWO WEEKS for research requests to be fulfilled! Requests completed in less than two weeks will be forwarded as soon as possible. You will be notified if the information you are requesting is not available.



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