Nunez Community College Foundation

The Nunez Community College Foundation provides an effective vehicle for programs and facilities at the college, and provides an open channel through which friends and organizations may contribute toward the present and future growth and development of the college.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors. The charter of this 501 C (3) Non-Profit Organization is structured to promote the educational and cultural welfare of Nunez Community College.

The Foundation provides a working commitment between Nunez Community College and the regional community to not only assist in soliciting charitable contributions, but also to support a growing relationship between the college and various business and industry leaders.

Board of Directors

The Foundation Board of Directors is populated with both community and business leaders from throughout the region, with the unified purpose of promoting and supporting Nunez Community College.

Frank Auderer, Sr.
Cliff Englande
Harold Anderson
Nick P. Trist, Jr..

Edward S. Bopp
Sam Catalanotto
Ronald Chapman
Hugh C. Craft, ED.D.
A.G. Crowe
Charles "Buddy” Doize
Diana B. Dysart
David Fennelly
Joe Georgusis
Allen J. "A.J.” Gibbs
David S. Gorbaty
Rita Gue
Mike Karge
Deborah Keller
Ronnie Lamarque
Walter J. Leger, Jr.
Michael Lorino, Jr
Peter Maraia
Janet Matsushita
Rebecca Martin
August Duke Robin
Robert Scafidel, Ed.D.
Robert E. Showalter
Teresa Smith
Frank Stewart
Doris Voitier
Thomas R. Warner, Ed.D.
Guy Williams
Carl Zornes

Walter Boasso
Harold J. Clavier
Lynn B. Dean
Samuel B. Nunez, Jr.
Allan C. Reichert
Sidney D. Torres, III



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