Walking Club
Keep an eye on your individual tallies and Keep Up the Good "Walk"!!

Report for May 30, 2014

2,586.24 miles
5,158,148 steps

This is our last report for this academic year. We'll start up again at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester and all interested walkers are welcome to join in the fun!
The walkers with the most steps for this year are:

  • Annette Accomando   270.2355 miles    540470  steps
  • Carol McLeod     463.3985 miles     926796 steps
  • George Seymour    156.0605 miles     312121 steps
  • Ed Shedlock    621.429 miles      1228538 steps
  • Lisa Phillips      246.1835 miles    492367 steps
  • Kathleen LeBlanc   209.6415 miles    419283 steps
  • Irma Beltram    142.493 miles      284986 steps

Congratulations to all of our walkers.  Never stop walking--it's a great way to see the world!


Report for May 27, 2014
2,569.66 miles
5,124,990 steps
We turned east from Murfreesboro and are now resting in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. Not only is Chattanooga fun to say, this lovely city is one of the South’s top travel destinations. In fact, the New York Times named Chattanooga TN one of the "Top 45 Places to go" in the World.  Only four US destinations were named and the Scenic City was the only one outside of California.  We are headed towards the Great Smoky Mountains. Will we get there before the walking club is done for May?

Report for May 23, 2014

2,520.83 miles
5,027,332 steps

Wow, walking club!! We walked over 5 million  steps. We are on fire.
We are also in Beech Grove, Tennessee, south of Murfreesboro. Beech Grove was the site of the
Battle of Hoover's Gap, which was fought around Beech Grove between June 24–26, 1863. The Beech Grove Confederate Cemetery now occupies a portion of the battlefield, on top of a hill overlooking present-day I-24. It contains 56 graves, 52 are of unknown soldiers 


Report for May 21, 2014
2480 miles
4,945,671 steps
While we're in Nashville, let's circle around it a bit and enjoy all the wonderful things to see and do before we head southeast towards Murfreesboro.

Report for May 20, 2014
2,470.15 miles
4,925,973 steps

We are so close to 5 million steps, folks. Let's make it our goal to get there by the end of the month.  If we all make our 10,000 steps a day, it won't take but 7and 1/2 of us one day to reach it. On our journey through Tennessee, we have made it to Nashville, America's Music City for over 150 years. There is so much to see and do in Nashville that we won't have time to do it all. We'll have to plan to come back. But since we're here a on a Tuesday, let's go see the Grand Ole' Opry, the longest running radio broadcast in the world (87 years and still going strong).  

Report for May 14, 2014
2,386.79 miles
4,759,266 steps
We are headed east towards Nashville. If we all keep putting one foot in front of the other (and logging in those steps), we may get there by the end of this week. Right now, we are in lovely Spring Creek, Tennessee.
Report for May 13, 2014
2,375.51 miles
4,736,703 steps
Ladies and gentlemen, we have walked nearly 5 million  steps!  We are on a roll. We are also in Jackson, Tennessee, walking along the Music Highway. While we're in Jackson, we could learn about the area’s African American heritage in the Lane College Historic District. We can visit the sites of famous Civil War battles at Salem Cemeteryor Parker’s Crossroads. We can discover the area’s unique musical heritage at the Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame.

We can check out Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum, or visit a historic mill town forged from cotton fields in Bemis Mill Village. If you like basball, we can root for the home team at Pringles Park, where the Jackson Generalsplay AA baseball. It might also be nice to spend some time outdoors at nearby Natchez Trace State Park, or check out the raptor center at Cypress Grove Nature Park.


Report for May 7, 2014

2,317.95 miles

4,621,574 steps

We are in Memphis, Tennessee. Oh so much to see and where do we even start? Let's take a few hours to visit the National Civil Rights Museum that just reopened this year in the Lorraine Motel. It has life-sized exhibits of many major civil rights events. Then, if we still have time and aren't too tired, let's visit the Metal Museum, the Memphis Zoo, and of course, Graceland, home of Elvis. There's so much to do here, we may need to spend several days...


Report for May 6, 2014
2,284.44 miles
4,554,549 steps
First we went to Paris (MS) and now we are in Moscow (TN). We are traveling right along, folks. For those of you who would like to know more about Moscow (TN):

Moscow TN is located on Hwy 57, just east of Rossville, with Collierville and Memphis just 30 miles to the west. One of the oldest towns in Fayette County, Moscow dates its beginning back to 1827, when Daniel Head, owner of the land where Moscow stands, transferred it to five men. These five men formed the Town Company of Moscow, taking advantage of its location between the Wolf River main stream and the North Fork of the Wolf River to create an excellent trading center for southern Fayette County farmers. Before its settlement by pioneers, Moscow was a hunting and camping ground for indigenous Native American populations.

Report for April 30, 2014 
2,218.74 miles
4,423,166 steps

Woo Hoo!  We are entering the campus of Ole Miss at Oxford. Guess what they do to help students de-stress for exams--they have puppies to pet in the library. Let's go pet one while we're there.

Report for April 29, 2014
2,201.8 miles
4,389,272 steps
Well, look at that! We've made it all the way to Paris. 
Paris, Mississippi, that is. :)
Be sure to log in all of your April steps for your April walking awards.


Report for April 28, 2014
2,178.01 miles
4,341,705 steps
What a difference a week makes! We are now well over 4 million  steps!!  We are in Calhoun City, Mississippi, on our way back to the Tennessee border. Calhoun City is so pretty that I though I would share this link to a walk through the town:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCeJlRAzqZo    Just be sure not to eat right before you view it--the camera is a little shaky.

Report for April 14, 2014
1929.66 miles
3,844,991 steps

As promised, we have circled back to walk some of the Natchez Trace that we missed the first time through this part of Mississippi. We are headed to Tennessee and parts north and west. And look how close we are to 4 MILLION STEPS. 


Report for April 10, 2014
1,864.08 miles
3,713,834 steps

We are in beautiful Carthage, Mississippi, the "center of all things Mississippi." Let's wander around the lovely neighborhoods of historic buildings while we're here.  

Report for April 9, 2014

1,833.04 miles
3,654,749 steps

We have made our way to Bienville National Forest and Wildlife Management Area--lots of good hunting, fishing, camping, and oh yes, hiking! 

Report for April 8, 2014
1,764.88 miles
3,515,445 steps
We are in Mt. Carmel, Mississippi, just a little ways past Monticello. We seems to be ambling right along. I tried to find interesting things to see in Mt. Carmel, but the most I could come up with is that the Baptist Church in town appears to be for sale. Anybody want a church?

 Report for April 7, 2014
1,736.93 miles
3,459,548 steps

We are in lovely Monticello, Mississippi, sitting on the banks of the Pearl River at Coopers Ferry Park. Coopers Ferry Park is a downtown riverside park overlooking the majestic Pearl River. The park features a scenic overlook deck, nature trails, a walking track, picnicking, and a Tree Top Trail. There's a lovely waterfall and lots of birds and wildlife. Coopers Ferry Park is also home to the summer series Brown Bag in the Park and Movies in the Park. It is used for a number of community and educational events, including an annual Fourth of July celebration featuring fireworks overlooking the river.

Report for April 3,2014
1,590.74 miles
3,167,150 steps

We are in Clinton, Mississippi, home of Mississippi College, the oldest institute of higher education in the state. Clinton is also where you can also find the Clinton Nature Center and the Quisenberry Library. We are going to pick up the southern part of the Natchez Trace and walk along it for a little while before we head out of Mississippi.

Report for April 2, 2014
1560.02 miles
3,105,721 steps

We had a small turnout for group walking today, but maybe that just means that everyone else is doing their 30 minutes of walking when they get home tonight. We have made it to Madison, Mississippi, just a little north of Jackson.  Madison has been named one of the best places to retire and one of the best places to live by CNN Money and US News and World Report. Madison's Easter Egg hunt is next Saturday. The group won't be here, since we'll be continuing our travels, but perhaps you will want to come back when you can spend more time there.

Wednesday April 2 in NATIONAL WALKING DAY.
Encourage your loved ones to get out and walk with you for at least 30 minutes on Wednesday April 2.

Report for April 1, 2014
1541.91 miles
3,069,502 steps

We are celebrating over 3 MILLION steps, folks!! Woo-hoo!! What better place to celebrate than in Vaughan, Mississippi, the site of the famous accident that killed engineer Casey Jones in 1900. Unfortunately, Vaughan is now mostly abandoned--even the Casey Jones Museum has been moved to another town. But you might enjoy this photo-journey through what used to be bustling farm-train village.  http://misspreservation.com/2012/03/07/abandoned-vaughan-mississippi/

Report for March 31, 2014
1490.21 miles
2,966,100 steps

We are resting in Winona, Mississippi, the original crossroads of northern Mississippi, where Hwy 82 intersects Hwy 51 and I 55. We passed some lovely state parks on our way to get here. We'll have to come back sometime when we have more time to explore, but for now, we're headed south and then east. And look at how many steps we've taken! We have walked nearly 3 million steps!

Report for March 28, 2014
1,389.17 miles
2,778,341 steps

We were just about to head into Tennessee when a member of the Walking Club said he wanted to walk by all those really great fresh-water fishing holes that Mississippi is famous for. So we took another left turn (if you take enough left turns, you end up where you started, you know) and now we are in Desoto. Desoto is famous for its restaurant, Velvet Cream, known as 'The Dip' by locals. The Dip is a landmark restaurant in the county. Operating since 1947, it is the oldest continually running restaurant in the county. In 2010, it was awarded 'Best Ice Cream in Mississippi' by USA Today. Desoto is also the birth place of James Earl Jones and John Grisham.

Report for March 27, 2014
1,373.05 miles
2,746,090 steps

Okay, folks, we are on the road again. We've stopped in Miller, Mississippi, which is just a hop skip and a jump from the Tennessee border. So my question is, do we want to turn back south and circle around Mississippi before we leave the state or are we ready to move on to Tennessee?

Report for March 26, 2014
1,354.34 miles
2,708,682 steps

Start logging in those steps, folks! We're creeping through north Mississippi at a snail's pace and now we're in the middle of nowheresville--we didn't even stop in a city or town this time, just sitting on the edge of some highway up there. It's pretty and all, but we need to get moving if we're going to hit more than two states before this semester ends. We now have maps and I'm not afraid to use them. Chop chop!!

Report for March 25, 2014

1,334.99 miles
2,669,979 steps

We are now in Ripley, Mississippi--we landed here when we took a turn off of the Natchez Trace at the Alabama/Mississippi border. We'll get to Alabama, I promise, but for  now, we're still exploring Mississippi. For example, (and the English teachers in our walking club should appreciate this) did you know that Colonel William Clark Faulkner, grandfather of William Faulkner, was a prominent citizen of Ripley in the mid to late 1800's? His exploits in and around Ripley became the basis for Faulkner's character of Colonel John Satoris. Ripley also has one of the oldest outdoor flea markets in America, and has an annual Faulkner Festival, with a tour of Faulkner historical sites around Ripley. Author John Grisham went to Ripley Elementary School. There are all kinds of interesting things about little Ripley!

Report for March 20, 2014

1,252.66 miles
2,505,319 steps

We are still walking along the Natchez Trace and have stopped in Saltillo, Mississippi. This tiny town was the home town of Gladys Love Smith Presley (Elvis's mom) and Kathryn Kelly, wife of Machine Gun Kelly. Amazing what we are finding on our travels!

Report for March 19, 2014

1,238.68 miles
2,477,358 steps

When we got to Mathinson, we took a right turn off the beaten path and are now walking along the Natchez Trace for a bit. There are many wonderful things to see along the Trace, and we joined it rather far along. We just may circle back around once we hit the Mississippi-Tennessee border and come back to it--did you know that you can walk 444 miles along the trace? It's kind of like the Blue Ridge Parkway for southerners (which, I guess, is also partly southern...) Right now, we are on the edge of the Tombigbee National Forest, which is worth seeing, if for no other reason than the name is fun to say. The Natchez Trace was established as a national parkway in 1938.

Report for March 18,2014

1,196.01 miles
2,391,019 steps

We are now entering Columbus, Mississippi, birthplace of Tennessee Williams (whose name has always confused me, given that he was born in Mississippi, but whatever...). We are too early for the 74th annual Spring Pilgrimage, the annual tour of historic homes. The Pilgrimage runs from March 28 through April 14. If we're still in Mississippi at that time, maybe we can circle back around and take a look at some of the homes listed on the Columbus website. 

Report for March 17, 2014
1,182.58 miles
2,365,164 steps

We passed right by Sharon Flanagan's house in Hickory, Mississippi, but couldn't stop because we're keeping Dr. Flanagan busy right here in Chalmette. We are resting in Brooksville, Mississippi right now, which is in Noxubee County and where the world famous Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge is located. Get the cameras ready for some cool wildlife pictures.

Report for March 13, 2014
1,133.01 miles
2,266,028 steps

I'm guessing that we are enjoying our visit to Meridian and looking at the Around Town Carousel horses, because we haven't gone much past Meridian today. We're just a little ways up highway 145 at Macon, Mississippi. Thanks to Debbie Barbe' for a map of Texas. We may get there, yet, after exploring Mississippi, that is!

Report for March 12, 2014

1,116.44 miles
2,232,888 steps

We're in Meridian, y'all. While we're there, let's go see all of their Around the Town Carousel Horses.  Remember when we "went fishing" in New Orleans, or found pelicans in Slidell? Well, Meridian has Around Town Carousels Abound which is an amazingly fun outdoor public art project. There are over 50 brightly decorated carousel horses created by the talented hands of local and regional artists, each with their own theme and story. The horses have been sponsored by businesses and individuals and placed in prominent locations around the city.

Report for March 11, 2014

1,064.44 miles
2,128,874 steps

We are about to get to Meridian, and have passed some lovely Mississippi state parks. We'll stop and linger when we have more time to visit them. Be sure to take a look at the maps sometime--you'll be amazed at how far we've walked.

Report for March 10, 2014

983.37 miles
1,966,743 steps

We are now in Waveland, via I-59 from Picayune, back through Slidell, and headed east along I-10, following the coast.  What a lovely day to walk along the beach!

Report for March 7, 2014
937.42 miles
1,874,836 steps

We have crossed the Mississippi State Line and are headed east. Once we get to Picayune (and we're very close), we may take a turn south towards the coast before we start meandering all over the birth state of Elvis (and other famous people, too, I'm sure).

Report for March 6, 2014

917.55 miles
1,835,107 steps

We sure caught up during the Mardi Gras break--we walked from just above Pecan Island back through Baton Rouge and landed in Franklinton.  In another 15 miles (give or take one or two miles), we'll be in Mississippi. We circled Louisiana a couple of times and now we're going to explore our next door neighbor-state. 
This is a new month with new goals. Let's shoot for 100,000 steps each by the end of the month. That is an average of 5,000 steps for each work day, which gives us weekends to  catch up if we need to. And don't worry if that seems excessive or too little--your own goal can be more or less than that. Just keep moving forward and remember that every single step counts towards making you healthier and smarter.


Report for February 28, 2014
772.31 miles
1,544,624 steps

Your heart and brain are worth it. Take a walk today and make both of them healthier.

Report for February 27, 2014
726.34 miles
1,452,681 steps

We are in lovely Oak Grove, right on the Gulf Coast of western Louisiana. Maybe we should  stay right here and relax for Mardi Gras--just enjoy the peaceful, easy feeling.

Don't forget our first month celebration tomorrow at 12:30 in the Music Room. Folks with paper trackers, get those to me ASAP.
Report for February 26, 2014
702.91 miles
1,405,825 steps

We're at Constance Beach, Louisiana, enjoying a leisurely stroll along the coast on Hwy 82, and headed back east. Let's enjoy the warm breezes off the Gulf of Mexico and dream of Margaritaville.

Report for February 25, 2014
661.08 miles
1,322,164 steps

We are at the border of Texas, trying to figure out where to go next. The welcome center is nice and all, but we can't stay here forever, you know. Let me know where to go next--do we make a U-ie and come back towards Mississippi? Would you like to walk back to Chalmette along Hwy 90 and take the scenic route home?

At our February 28 meeting, we will recognize people who have logged in the following number of steps:
20,000 steps from Feb. 3 to Feb. 28 (that's walking on average 1,000 steps each work day)
50,000 steps from Feb. 3 to Feb. 28  (that's walking on average 2,500 steps each work day)
65,000 steps from Feb. 3 to Feb. 28 (that's walking on average 3,250 steps each work day)

 If you're keeping your steps on paper instead of logging in to the AHA site, be sure to give those logs to Dr. McLeod before noon on Friday Feb. 28 so you can be recognized, too.

Report for February 24, 2014
619.74 miles
1,239,487 steps

Over a million steps--we are marching towards Texas. We are only about 15 miles outside of Lake Charles... but if I don't get a map of Texas soon, we may make a U-turn and head back towards Mississippi. Maybe we'll come back on the scenic route of Hwy 90. There are pretty things to see along that route.

Report for February 21, 2014
498.85 miles
997,697 steps

Well, will you look at that? We need only 2303 more steps to make a cool one million steps--and only 1.15 miles to make 500 miles!
And just so you know, we are about to enter the Red River Wildlife Management Area just outside of Concord, LA.

Report for February 20, 104
466.79 miles
933,585 steps

We are sitting on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River in Waterproof, Louisiana. We took a right turn at Richmond and headed back south on Highway 65 (just until I get maps from our neighbors to either the north, east, or west).


Report for February 19, 2014
410.8 miles
821,598 steps

Let's take a dip in Poverty Point State Preserve Reservoir while we're in the vicinity. Or not--might still be little chilly this time of year, so maybe just stick our toes in.

Report for February 18, 2014
381.91 miles
763,810 steps

While we're in Monroe, let's visit the River Market and maybe stop by La Delta to say "hi" to our sister LCTCS school.

Report for February 17, 2014
346.07 miles
692,147 steps

Woo Hoo!!

Report for February 14, 2014
263.88 miles
527,750 steps
That's right, everyone--we have walked over a half million steps already! Do you know where Ajax, LA is? Neither did I, but that's where we are in our travels. Click on the Keep up the Good Walk  link above to see our leader-board.
Report for February 13, 2014

241.47 miles
482,939 steps

Do we go east towards Boston or west towards the Pacific Coast?  Let Dr. McLeod know soon--or she just may take us through Canada to Alaska,  which would be a very long, cold walk this time of year...

Report for February 12, 2014
231.56 miles
463,113 steps

We have passed the 200 mile mark on our journey!! We are way past Alexandria. Let Dr. McLeod know which way we should turn when we reach Shreveport.

Report for February 11, 2014
197.36 miles
394,725 steps

At our February 28 meeting, we will recognize people who have logged in the following number of steps:

20,000 steps from Feb. 3 to Feb. 28 (that's walking on average 1,000 steps each work day)
50,000 steps from Feb. 3 to Feb. 28  (that's walking on average 2,500 steps each work day)
65,000 steps from Feb. 3 to Feb. 28 (that's walking on average 3,250 steps each work day)

There's plenty of time left in February to earn a prize!  Keep logging in those steps each day.

Report for February 10, 2014
Miles to date:   170.44
Steps to date:  340,879

We'll be heading north on the map soon--come check out how far we've walked.

Have you found your walking buddy yet? See Dr. McLeod for a list of all Walking Club Members--there's bound to  be someone just waiting to be your walking buddy!! There are members of all ages, walking speeds, times available to walk at lunch or on breaks...there's a match for YOU.

Report for February 7, 2014
Miles to date:  105.42
Steps to date:  210,839

Check out the Louisiana map on Dr. McLeod's door to see  how far we've walked across the state so far.
There is also a map that shows how far you walk when you walk around the campus.

Woo Hoo!!

Report for February 6, 2014
Miles to date:  64.74
Steps to date:  129,482
Put some variety in your walks.
Check out some walking paths for Chalmette at http://startwalkingnow.org.  Click on the "walking paths" tab and put Chalmette or zip code 70043 in the search boxes. There are maps of several  walks in Chalmette and the surrounding area with mileage already figured out for you.  
Report for February 5, 2014

Miles to date:  47.88

Steps to date:  95,764

Report for February 4, 2014

Miles to Date:  24.77
Steps to Date:  49,539
Happy 2014, Nunez Community College Family!!

Let’s Walk our Way to Good Health This Year!!

 We’ve all been there—made New Year’s resolutions or goals that probably didn’t last past January 10. If you are like 75% of the people in the US, one of your goals was to get healthier and lose weight. Did you know that research shows that just adding 30 minutes of physical activity a day helps you keep that resolution? Did you also know that walking is one of the most cost-effective and easiest exercises to do?

The Office of Human Resources is proud to sponsor Nunez Community College’s first walking club, in affiliation with the American Heart Association.

There will be a small fee of $5.00 for each participant, which will be used to pay for prizes, incentives, and celebrations for meeting goals along the way.

The first 50 members who join the walking club will receive a Nunez Community College pedometer to help you track your progress. The walking club is open to all—employees, students, family members, friends, and anyone else who wants to take on the challenge of adding a few steps a day to their regular routine. If you can walk and count, you can join. All it costs is $5.00.

Our walking club started on February 3, 2014 but it’s not too late to join. We’ll be tracking our progress for the entire semester, through May 22, using the American Heart Association’s activity tracker. We’ll hold monthly meetings to discuss our progress, award prizes, and talk about strategies for continued success.

Our next meeting will be Friday February 28, 2014 in the Music Room from 12:30 to 1:00. You are welcome to bring your brown bag lunches and light refreshments and water will be served.

A couple of things to know:

  • All fees collected will be used to defray the cost of prizes, refreshments, incentives, and celebrations.
  • Please check with your doctor before starting any exercises, especially if you have any underlying health issues. Nunez Community College assumes no responsibility for injuries that occur while participating in the walking club.
  • You can record any steps taken using any pedometer—at work, at home, on your healthy hiking vacation, running from class to class, anywhere you’re "on the go.”

Call HR at 488 or 418 to see what the walking club is all about--joining is easy. See anyone in HR to pay your $5 fee. Then go to http://startwalkingnow.org/ and click on the "Register" button near the top right of the page. Be sure to identify your company as Nunez Community College. After that, just go to http://startwalkingnow.org to log in daily, and record your steps on the activity tracker.



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